Miss Selfridge

Saturday, 2 March 2019

When Dreams Are Born

I just wanted to share a little experience I had it is little but at the same time, it is huge! I have been having lots of ideas here and there what I should do but it never came together as one piece. Recently, I have stopped rushing just taking things as it is and accepting myself and lots of aspects of my life. And let me tell you it has been quite a journey and weird enough I am happy to get on this life's road as it comes and bit by bit I started putting my puzzle together. And one of these days there I could have been doing anything I chose to spend time with myself and just doing my own thing reading, listening to music, watching YouTube channel that my friend sent to me and then in that peace and silence finally my idea was born! I finally have a clear vision with no frustration with myself why I can't figure it out. It just came and I welcomed it! I was so happy that I got dancing and crying with relief and joy! It was such a special moment I felt like I got into my enlightenment at that specific moment. Now, I just need to be brave. I am brave and so are you. We all just need to see that and our dreams will come true.


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