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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Self Love : life without guilt or shame, self doubt or never being good enough

Self Love and being authentic blog post was going to be something else. I was going to write about responsibilities :). Responsibilities blog post is definitely going to happen but I am just maturing for it at the moment. What I realised which we all know but don't really think about it that the ONLY person who is going have to live with us all our lives is ourselves so we might get along with oneself and show some love. I started to believe if we don't love ourselves we simply aren't capable loving overs. Self love is most important love we can give. And the sad thing is that there are so much inspiration around self love and self care which people do relate but in a way that shows that where is lack of it in most of us. You know I was taking about self love at work when I was asked what personality trait I would like to have of somebody (or some sort of similar question can't really remember exactly) I answered that I like myself and that I love myself and I would like to be myself :) Well, at that point I felt like I am coming across as narcissistic bitch who is in love with herself. But lets face it should be true for each and everyone of us. I should come first before you. When I started loving myself more (I am still in the process)  weird thing happened I started loving others more I started feeling less judgemental I started being more understanding and accepting of others. I feel like if I don't understand myself how can I understand others...? Does it not apply to all of us...?

  I am not talking about self love as seeing ourselves through pink glasses. I am talking about accepting  ourselves as we are, with full awareness but no judgement. When we look at ourselves we might don't like what we see, we might want to hide from it and suppress the bad traits, we might even discover that what we been told never been truth for us. Self Love : life without guilt or shame, self doubt or never being good enough. Isn't that good thing a good life...? Sprinkling joy and love on us and all around us :) I feel like I would never judge anyone if someone would say loud and clear to everyone as bluntly as : ''I love myself so much''! :) would you judge them if we all know that we need to love ourselves? LOVE is a basic need for everyone it's like an air we breath  so why don't we give it to the most important human and the rest will feel it too.

Love and peace to all of you! I think I will definitely write about this topic again as I forgot half of what I was going to say but I am sure it will come back to me:)

Love, Justina

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  1. Unfortunately I don't totally love myself, and elaborate slightly on that in my last post (31 Oct. 2018) titled "Last Minute Halloween Excuse Post with Old Full Drag Selfies and Thanks to Commenters". I know my childhood experiences and upbringing had a part in that.
    I do very much love your healthy message and methods related to self love. It's something I would like to work on. I may keep returning to this post for some more self-help in the future. Everything you'e written is undeniably true. Thank you for writing this. Love and peace to you as well! xxoxx :)