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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Spring Outfit and the MOONSTONE

Spring Outfit blog post is going to be quite different from last couple of posts and what I am planning to write:) I am giving a little hint here! I got loads of ideas recently! I think they are amazing but I got to keep a little secret here:) ( because it's not quite ready yet :) but I like a little bit of tease .. so hey ho:). This is my favourite outfit at the moment. Probably, because I have been embracing my sexy cool self a lot lately. :) I have been looking into crystals and crystal properties and my moonstone necklace is my current favourite accessory. I got it for myself to celebrate my periods but in the end I loved it so much so I started wearing it everyday.  
Suddenly, I just remembered that I have written a blog post on periods before so I think I will need to write another one soon as I got completely new perspective on the subject! That's exiting! Just came up with a new idea on future blog post even though I was going to keep this one super light and simple :)

Just a little bit on Moonstones and then BYE BYE for now. They come in few different colours and I think mine comes on the pink moonstone category ( I am not an expert I might be wrong ) . I think all women should wear or have moonstone in their life's as it has deeply feminine energy about it. Helps to bring balance. improves confidence and apparently its a master healer for women. And the main thing is it is super cute! :) 

Saturday, 2 March 2019

When Dreams Are Born

I just wanted to share a little experience I had  it is little but at the same time it is huge! I have been having lots of ideas here and there what I should do but it never came together as one piece. Recently, I have stopped rushing  just taking things as it is and accepting myself and lots of aspects of my life. And let me tell you it has been quite a journey and weird enough I am happy to get on this life's road as it comes and bit by bit I started putting my puzzle together. And one of these days there I could of been doing anything I chose to spent time with myself  and just doing my own thing reading, listening to music, watching YouTube channel that my friend sent to me and then in that peace and silence finally my idea was born! I finally have a clear vision with no frustration with myself why I can't figure it out. It just came and I welcomed it! I was so happy that I got dancing and crying from relief and joy! It was such a special moment I felt like I got into my enlightenment at that specific moment. Now, I just need to be brave. I am brave and so are you. We all just need to see that and our dreams will come true.


Sunday, 17 February 2019

Self Love : life without guilt or shame, self doubt or never being good enough

Self Love and being authentic blog post was going to be something else. I was going to write about responsibilities :). Responsibilities blog post is definitely going to happen but I am just maturing for it at the moment. What I realised which we all know but don't really think about it that the ONLY person who is going have to live with us all our lives is ourselves so we might get along with oneself and show some love. I started to believe if we don't love ourselves we simply aren't capable loving overs. Self love is most important love we can give. And the sad thing is that there are so much inspiration around self love and self care which people do relate but in a way that shows that where is lack of it in most of us. You know I was taking about self love at work when I was asked what personality trait I would like to have of somebody (or some sort of similar question can't really remember exactly) I answered that I like myself and that I love myself and I would like to be myself :) Well, at that point I felt like I am coming across as narcissistic bitch who is in love with herself. But lets face it should be true for each and everyone of us. I should come first before you. When I started loving myself more (I am still in the process)  weird thing happened I started loving others more I started feeling less judgemental I started being more understanding and accepting of others. I feel like if I don't understand myself how can I understand others...? Does it not apply to all of us...?

  I am not talking about self love as seeing ourselves through pink glasses. I am talking about accepting  ourselves as we are, with full awareness but no judgement. When we look at ourselves we might don't like what we see, we might want to hide from it and suppress the bad traits, we might even discover that what we been told never been truth for us. Self Love : life without guilt or shame, self doubt or never being good enough. Isn't that good thing a good life...? Sprinkling joy and love on us and all around us :) I feel like I would never judge anyone if someone would say loud and clear to everyone as bluntly as : ''I love myself so much''! :) would you judge them if we all know that we need to love ourselves? LOVE is a basic need for everyone it's like an air we breath  so why don't we give it to the most important human and the rest will feel it too.

Love and peace to all of you! I think I will definitely write about this topic again as I forgot half of what I was going to say but I am sure it will come back to me:)

Love, Justina

Photo credits: Vilcinskaite Photo

Sunday, 6 January 2019


When life falls apart some would say: ''if life gives you lemons make lemonade''.... Probably when life falls apart we start looking for inspiration  quotes and looking and doing everything to make us feel better and happier. Looking for something or anything...  drinking and going out and relying on friends and family's advises just to make us a little bit better in hopes to restore our self's in the near future. And this is the time when people in general start feeling free to give advises (most likely things they need to do themselves or they secretly want to do these things) Join a class! GO OUT!  Put a dress and a lipstick on! Meet new people! Find new hobbies! And so on and on... I find this quite exhausting to be honest. If you want to do these thing by all means DO but if you don't than DON'T do it just to make other people happier and validated through you.  Most people look for soothing outside of themselves rather than INSIDE themselves.  I see it as wound underneath the plaster we mask it so it's not there and if we take it of and look at it and it needs to be disinfected so it does not get infected that stings and stings like hell! To be honest 2018 was crazy for me and I could not wait until the end of it. However, I ended up showing gratitude and appreciating for the last year in the end. I am grateful for the lessons 2018 has given me. One of them is doing what I WANT to do not others. I am still learning to say no and not feeling bad about it. How many times i have said yes to things i did not want to do just to please others? Just because I felt I should do it ... HUNDREDS!!! I think most of us do that just because we feel validated by others... It's kind of shooting own-self in the foot. We living our life through others so when are we going to start living our own life? So that was really turning point for me realising I want to live  my own life and this is than I stopped giving advises to people and started looking for what I want to do. And I realised I will disappoint people along the way by not doing what they want me to do in my life. Advise is a reflection of the giver not of the taker. Of course it's different than we seek to learn and get information of something with genuine interest or share same values. But if people don't asked for advise... THEY DON'T NEED ONE!
I had loads of ideas of which direction my blog is going to go and things I want to write but today I just felt an urge to write this. I wasn't sure how it is going to turn out but this is me doing spontaneously what I want to do without overthinking. I guess what I wanted to say by this I choose to be validated by ME and my wishes for others for 2019 to stop giving advises :)

With LOVE, Justina

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Collaboration Offer

Collaboration offer

Hey everyone,

I have an idea about a little project for my blog and I thought I would put it out here on my blog who I am looking to collaborate with on non-sponsored post or posts depending how the project goes :))
I am looking for companies to get in touch who have equipment for measuring air quality, Co2 and Pm. I am also looking for people to get in touch who are selling plants and also working with or selling air purifiers. Get in touch via e-mail organicsnickers@gmail.com

Looking forward to hear from you!

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Power of Plants

The Power of Plants
 I recently got an email from some company saying that 15 of January is the most depressing day of the year and most holidays will be booked today to make ourselves feel better. I don't think I red most of that email and I am not really sure what was the purpose of it but the fact that struck me the most that people feel bad  this time of year. I am not going to talk about depression today however I would like to talk about health, mainly the immune system. I made quite few realisations today about my blog which I am happy about. I realised as a lifestyle blogger I am moving into more natural lifestyle living which before my niche was very generic and I didn't knew which way to go.  
Most people over the holiday season were struck by cold and flu and it was very chesty and still is for some people. I got this Echinaforce Hot Drink as a present just in case :) What I like about it that it suggest that it helps to stop spreading the viruses. So when my boyfriend fell ill on Christmas day we both drank it and he was coughing quite badly but me I was fine and I didn't catch it! I can't say that it would work all the time in the future I am only speaking for this last 3 weeks which I feel worked for us. We did not take the full dose up to 5 times a day as for both of us wouldn't of last very long but we took on the need and where was one day I felt bit feverish and I had I think 2 or 3 cups and next morning I was well again. I would definitely get it in the future as part of cold and flu treatment plus it has a pleasant taste.  I don't know much about Echincea but I know that elderberry is amazing and I have tried lots of different immunity boosting products, however I always find that elderberry makes huge difference in my immunity and the only time I notice the effects than I take it. Maybe were is something in it  that I lack which definitely works for me. Overall, I would recommend the product in addition of fighting cold's and flues and it has a pleasant soothing affect.  

The Power of Plants