Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Spring Outfit and the MOONSTONE

Spring Outfit blog post is going to be quite different from the last couple of posts and what I am planning to write:) I am giving a little hint here! I got loads of ideas recently! I think they are amazing but I got to keep a little secret here:) ( because it's not quite ready yet :) but I like a little bit of tease .. so hey ho:). This is my favourite outfit at the moment. Probably, because I have been embracing my sexy cool self a lot lately. :) I have been looking into crystals and crystal properties and my moonstone necklace is my current favourite accessory. I got it for myself to celebrate my periods but in the end, I loved it so much so I started wearing it every day.  
Suddenly, I just remembered that I have written a blog post on periods before so I think I will need to write another one soon as I got a completely new perspective on the subject! That's exciting! Just came up with a new idea on future blog post even though I was going to keep this one super light and simple :)

Just a little bit on Moonstones and then BYE BYE for now. They come in a few different colours and I think mine comes on the pink moonstone category ( I am not an expert I might be wrong). I think all women should wear or have moonstone in their life's as it has deeply feminine energy about it. Helps to bring balance. improves confidence and apparently its a master healer for women. And the main thing is it is super cute! :) 


  1. Yess doll, embrace that sexy cool self! I think we all need to do that every now and then, right?! Lol. The 'fit looks comfy and cool. Love it! + your pup is adorable!!
    Don't you love it when you get a new wind of inspiration? ;)

    xx, Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

    1. thank you :) i think i want to embrace everyone its becoming my mission:)!