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Saturday, 18 February 2017

30 Day Challenge - Day 23

Hello! Right, I am being very naughty again as I missed one day yesterday :) However, I am back to it today and that's what matters!  So it is day 23 and I got one week left!!! Hopefully I will manage to stick this week out, I think if all I had to do is just to put my feet in, have a relaxing 15 minutes, I probably wouldn't have missed a day but having to do a blog post which means taking pictures and writing which I enjoy, but sometimes a whole day is not enough for everything. The other soak I did the other day for muscle pain for my tired legs did help me wonders I even forgot I had it until now than I am reflecting on my previous soak. I am not hanging around the bushes today and again using one of my really luxurious bath hearts with dried marigold which is great for the skin and has anti inflammatory properties. This week even I haven't been doing foot baths everyday day however as much as I did I feel quite relaxed and grounded I am sleeping well so definitely I can see benefits from it.
30 Day Challenge - Day 23

What I am finding it hard is to do is to take a decent photos for this challenge as I am doing it in the evenings everything just don't seem right but myself I prefer to read something with pictures so I am still taking them for my blog :) and I think it will be nice to look at them in a years time and say oh yeah I did this and that and it look like this and that and this is what I love about blogging but hey it's needs all new article about it :)

Happy soaking!

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