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Monday, 9 January 2017

Simple Everyday OOTD for 2017

Hello everyone so it's time for slowly getting back to some sort of pre-festive routine. Anyone who has been following me for the past year would know that all my OOTDs were moving towards feeling comfortable and this casual outfit is exactly that! I chose high waist jeans paired up with a casual cotton blouse and beautiful detailed butterfly earrings and VOILA! Feels comfortable and right. I also wear my smart shoes which maybe I should make a separate blog post as I am already on my second pair and I have all intentions of getting a third pair exactly the same:) Maybe sounds crazy but I couldn't live without them.

Now what I realized back in 2016 and will be taking into 2017 is that I absolutely love wearing high waist jeans and prefer them over other fittings. They have their benefits like staying where they should be staying after bending down. Looks a lot better with a tucked in blouse than other fittings. If you put a t-shirt over no one will ever know that it is high waist jeans and just a personal opinion that bums looks better in them too :) High waist jeans is on my must have all the time list :)

I hope you enjoyed my simplistic OOTD on my blog. Its meant to be for those days when we need to pop in the shop or pick up a couple of things here and there for those normal days when there is loads to do and we just want to look good and feel comfortable. 

Thanks for reading!!!
Love, Splendourblog

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