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Monday, 23 January 2017

Giveaway I Won by Ted & Kip

 Hello everyone! I would love to introduce Ted & Kip just to say thank you to them! As they hosted a giveaway I entered on Instagram and to my biggest surprise I actually won! I never win anything so it has been a definitely nice surprise! But as people say you have to be in to win it:) So hooray for me! I think it is a nice start to the year as well, maybe next I will win the lottery!

I decided to blog about Ted & Kip as so much effort went into sending me this bundle the crafter even put some confetti in the envelope!  It's like a good Christmas present, doesn't matter what it is but the most important thing is how much thought was put in it and Anna put loads of it and I am very grateful as I loved opening little bits of cute items with beautiful designs in it.

 Thanks for reading, Splendourblog

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