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Saturday, 7 January 2017

3 Essential Oils Worth Having For Spring

Hello you lovely people. Happy New Year! I hope all your New Year plans will come true. I wish you all the happiness in the world, just stay positive and keep on moving forward. I know everyone is a little naughty over the festive season: eating a little too much, drinking a little too much sitting on the couch a little too much and watching all the Christmas films in a row (haha that's me). So after all the festivity goes away we all need a little bit of a boost for going back to our normal routines and cracking on with our New Year resolutions. So what can be better than natural essential oils for boosting our immunity system, lifting our mood and boosting our energy levels? So I came up with a list of three essential oils which are great for everyone to have on hand to help us to smoothly transition from winter to spring.

3 Essential Oils Worth Having For Springus

Lemon Essential Oil is a great mood lifter. Lemon Essential oil could be called a multi purpose oil. Its literally good for everything!  House cleaning, skin, neutralizing odors. Just remember all essential oils need to be diluted before getting coming into contact with the skin. There are loads of  different ways to use lemon essential oil, you can read more about it here.

3 Essential Oils Worth Having For Springus

Another essential oil I love is lime. Lime essential oil smells wonderful, it has a sort of sweet citrus aroma which can nicely compliment smell of frankincense essential oil or tea tree. Lime essential oil is great for putting our health on track, it fights viral and bacterial infections, it's also a great desiccant. It is also a great mood lifter and energy booster like other stimulating essential oils. So it's definitely one to look out for when we are not feeling 100 percent. More uses of lime essential oil can be found here.

3 Essential Oils Worth Having For Springus

And the final essential oil I have chosen for this list is jolly mandarin. I called it jolly because I love the sweet sweet smell with loads of health benefits for us. Mandarin essential oil is great for the skin, is uplifting and toning. It also has similar antibacterial properties like lime and lemon and helping to get rid of winter blues. More uses of mandarin essential oil can be found here and here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 3 essential oils list to help us go back in feeling good, fresh and lifted. When the days are still very dark health and well being are something to look after. 

Thanks for reading!

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