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Friday, 30 December 2016

3 Essential Oils Worth Having To Hand This Autumn

3 Essential Oils Worth to Have By Hand This Autumn

Hello lovelies! As it's getting darker and cooler it's always nice to be prepared for whatever is coming. I have a bit of a collection of essential oils at home since I did my aromatherapy course. Actually, I love all oils and essential oils they all have something very good and beneficial. But prices vary and some are easier to get than others. It all depends on the source plant, how much of the plant you need to squeeze oil out of it and how easy to grow it is; the more difficult ones are on the more expensive end. Every oil and essential oil varies from different makers.

There are so many different ways of using essential oils. For example you can put a drop on your liquid soap every time you wash your hands or put a drop or two in your shampoo or shower gel (a drop or two is enough). Or you can use it in oil burners or put some drops on a pillow before you go to sleep (use only calming and relaxing essential oils for night as you don't want to be awake all night long :))

So this is my TOP 3 essential oils for this fall.

 1.Cinnamon Essential Oil. I just love the smell of cinnamon essential oil for this time of year it kind of have Christmas feel for all of us (most candles use cinnamon  fragrance oils it has nothing to do with the real thing essential oil). I would only use cinnamon oil in the first part of the day because it's uplifting and stimulating, it also has loads of other benefits for instance helping with depression and feeling sad which can happen when the days are shorter and darker. I put this link here so you can read a lot more about it.
3 Essential Oils Worth to Have By Hand This Autumn

2.Tea Tree Essential Oil. It's one of my all time favorite. Scent of a tree tea essential oil might not be for everyone's liking, however I like to add some sweet scent to soften it up and then I don't mind it as it becomes not so sharp. Properties are amazing, it treats loads of stuff. Its antibacterial and anti fungal, it's good for loads of skin infections, can help fighting cold especially this time of year than everyone around is getting ill. Tea tree Essential oil can be used for cleaning, it can be used in burners to kill germs in the air than someone's ill at home. I just love it, it is my number one protection for winter. You can read more about it here it's a good and informative link which I sometimes look at for inspiration.
3 Essential Oils Worth to Have By Hand This Autumn

3.Roman Camomile Essential Oil. I chose this one especially for autumn. I love the gentle scent of it, it's calming and relaxing properties are amazing for the second part of the day to relax and have a good night's sleep. It is also ant-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well. Camomile is always good to have by hand as dry flowers for the bath to relax, sooth and smooth the skin or as a tea or essential oil. Basically it's great and I love it! I put more in depth link to have a look here.

3 Essential Oils Worth to Have By Hand This Autumn

I choose these 3 different essential oils to help to get a smoother transition from the brighter days to the darker because now it's getting dark so early! I use these essential oils to get through the day and nurture my health, my body, and my soul and protect from bugs which are circulating at this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed my little post :) Make sure you use essential oils with sense and it's worth looking into it in more depth and do your own research ;) If you have a top 3 of your write it down in your comments - I will be interesting to have a look :)

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