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Friday, 30 December 2016

Aromatherapy Roller

I hope everyone had good Christmas, I certainly did. I know Christmas can be stressful for many people. It shouldn't be but it is. For some people it can be stressful to put that picture perfect Christmas together, for some it can be because they are away from their families or it can be lots and lots of reasons. For me Christmas time is a reflective time. I tried not to commercialize it. I wanted it to be relaxing and stress free, more spiritual with a sense of inner joy.

I recently blogged about some 3 essential oils (you can find my blog post here). But today I would like to write about a neat pocket sized aromatherapy de-stress roller ball. Its a cute little thing I have to say. It's already diluted in oils and can be used straight on the skin. Roller blend is wonderful, it contains geranium essential oil which is good for relieving stress, improving circulation. It contains nutmeg essential oil which is amazing for menstrual cramps and helps to fight cold symptoms and its known to be a natural pain reliever. Basically this little roller is amazing! 

Aromatherapy Roller

Even though this is a de-stress roller ball in my opinion it has more to offer. I have been using it to help with my cold symptoms and I have been using it on my feet after the foot bath as it is nice and soothing plus its very nice to inhale it after a relaxing procedure. There are loads of different rollers with different essential oils so when you are looking to get one my only advise would be go for a completely natural one :) This little roller can be used anywhere, it smells good and it is tiny so can be carried in a pocket with you and be used in a time of need.  

Aromatherapy Roller

I might be doing another post for New Years tomorrow but no promises :) Either way I am wishing you all the best. Keep calm, relax and all your dreams will come true!

Happy New Year!
Aromatherapy Roller

With Love, Splendourblog

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