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Monday, 27 May 2019

Self Love: doing something for yourself

 Self Love becoming quite a topic of mine. I have written a blog post before about Self Love called: Self Love: life without guilt or shame, self-doubt or never being good enough. I was having a drink with a friend last night and felt quite an advocate for femininity, self-love, self-respect, looking after yourself and counting yourself accountable for own choices. Then I use the word yourself I mean each and everyone including me. Life is all about choices we have tough days, tough weeks or even tough years but at the end of the day, we decide how we going to get through it! The last couple of weeks wasn't easy for me but I wake up every morning making that choice not always easy but a choice to have a good day anyway. I am showing gratitude and appreciation for opportunities coming my way. It is something to be excited about right?! 
For example, I am grateful that  Joseph&Stacey gifted me this beautiful super trendy bag of my choice to write a review about it. I just want to say big Thank You I love it and it was super nice and easy to collaborate with you guys! This bag suits me and my style so well basically I am also grateful that I have good taste! I also had a hair cut. I always tend to cut my hair short then I need some changes it's something about the association with hair cut and losing weight off the shoulders. 
My main main message here is that doing something for yourself no matter how big or small it is, does not mean spending money it could be writing yourself a love letter, meditating, having a walk, taking a long bath or dancing by yourself with a set intention: I am doing this for me as I love myself makes all the difference. I think it is a path to a happier and healthier life no matter how bumpy road is.

With Love

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  1. I just read and LOVE your 17 February post titled "Self Love: Life without guilt or shame, self doubt or never being good enough" !!!!!! I loved it, and love your attitude toward life.
    I also love the outfit you styled and were wearing in your outfit photos above. The vertical black white and mustard yellow striped trousers, graphic T-shirt and trainers look great together I also love your hairstyle and the highlights in your hair. You look fabulous!