Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Beautiful Outdoor Outfit

 In a cold slushy winter it can be hard to stay sassy. For me it's important to know what I want and what I am looking for and once I come across I just know that this is it!  This is exactly what happened with my coat which I am madly in love with right now:) I have been looking for the right coat for couple years at least as I had few requirements: it had to be long so  can wear a skirt or a dress without looking ridiculous, warm, it had to do up to the neck as most coats now has an open chest or has only a belt... and most importantly I had to like it :)  This look I am calling a Russian Chick:) Actually, when I first moved to the UK few people called me a Russian chick at a time I am not sure if I like it but right now 10 years later I feel quite sentimental. I am sure that I have more looks to put together with this amazing coat!

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