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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Made To Do More

Made To Do More

As 2018 is fast approaching have you started thinking of your New Year resolutions? It always bugs me that question: what I am going to do with my life? And that feeling that I must to do more is always there. I just found out that 64% of people who live in Brighton are entrepreneurial minded. Wow, that's a lot and it is the lead in the UK! YOU GO BRIGHTON!!! I can't say that I am very surprised as I know quite a few people who have started working and creating businesses for themselves. Mainly artists and creative people (proud friend :)). I guess the more people you know who have done it the more inspiring it becomes to do it yourself. You can do a little quiz HERE to find out more about yourself. My results: All Rounder which means flexible. I am happy with my result as that's what I thought of myself :)
Made To Do More

Who reads my blog and my twitter knows my struggles with my job...and my wish for myself and others for 2018 is to be a little braver, know your worth and be able to stand up when you are knocked down! I really wish myself to figure out what should I do as I want to be in happy, calm work environment. I wish for all of us to be in a happy fulfilling space doing whatever we want to do, as life is short we should enjoy the journey we are on. You can read inspiring blog post Are you made to do more? HERE. To be honest I believe I am made to do more I just need to grab the opportunities which come my way. I always support people with ideas as trying things out is the way to move forward. We will never know how successful we can be if we won't try things out and things which don't work out take it as a lesson for the future. It is still a positive thing :) .

I hope this blog post will inspire you to make a happy journey for yourself.

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