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Saturday, 4 February 2017

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Hello lovely people! It is my day 9 for foot bath challenge, 21 days to go! Great! Only 3 weeks left. In the past I always wanted to blog more, I was thinking to myself I should do like 2-3 blog posts a week but it rarely happened as i didn't find time for it, but as 2017 approached i realized I have so many ideas, but they are all just pilling up in my head. This challenge is proving to me that I can do so much more and I can make my ideas happen no matter how crazy it is! Look at me 9th blog post in a row I feel really proud!!! Today I woke up at 4.30 in the morning to go to work so you can imagine how sleepy I was the rest of the day haha :) I was lacking a little bit of motivation to get things done however I was looking forward to put my feet in nice warm soak. After 8 days self and feet care I kind of feel summer ready just waiting for that sun to shine through the grey clouds.

30 Day Challenge - Day 9
And as for today I am using for my soak a simple soap from Mistry's I have been a fan of  their natural organic and gentle products for few years now.  I am using a tea tree oil soap with vitamin E. So it is gently antibacterial due to tea tree and vitamin E has basic antioxidant properties and is very good for the skin; it can help with wound healing so if you have any blisters it's great to use product with vitamin E. During all my 9 day soaking emotionally and physically I felt relaxed and having that home spa pamper everyday is giving me some sort of grounding if that makes sense. The more I am doing it and the more I am enjoying it. And I think my body circulation gently improved as I haven't been as much cold as I normally am.
30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Happy Soaking 
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