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Monday, 6 February 2017

30 Day Challenge - Day 11

Hello! So It is my day 11 and I got 19 days left getting closer to my final day! And I kind of started making new plans for my future challenge, it's definitely going to be a lot harder than this one though :D:D haha.  As it is Monday I like to keep things nice and simple as always so today I am just going to use soap. I just used this a couple of days ago and for extra relaxation I added 5 drops of lavender essential oil to help me with a tension headache which has been lingering around for couple of days. To be honest in the past I did not really like the smell of lavender oil but now I am the biggest fan! But I do like to mix it up with other essential oils and the gentle tea tree oil soap from Mistry's will do the trick. I love the soap the way it is but I am just adding essential oil for immediate aromatherapy properties as in aromatherapy best results are straight from the bottle if you know what I mean :)
30 Day Challenge - Day 11

Okay I should do a little health update as I have been doing soaking for 11 days now. My legs feels lighter even I walk same as I did before everyday as I walk to work and back plus my active dog, shop, friends you know the usual stuff. So it has been great for me. Another thing I noticed I think my circulation slightly improved as before I couldn't walk around the house without socks at all now I can for a short amount of time which is nice and when I put my socks back on haha :) I have been having headache for couple of days now but I did felt a some sort of relief after I did my soak yesterday.

Anyway I will be off to shops soon to get some new inspirations for following days so watch the space :)

Happy soaking!

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