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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Girls Powder Corner Inspiration

Me and my boyfriend and our beloved pets live in a compact flat. And recently I have been looking to create my own little powder corner were I can get ready, relax, basically do my own thing:) So I thought I will put my make up vanity table inspiration.

This one I like a lot; perfect for small spaces! Hanging a folded chair I think it's an amazing idea! Opens up the space and no more health and safety issue of tripping over!:)

         Carve out a little space just for pampering. Mount the EKBY ALEX wall shelf to create a dressing table without taking up valuable floor space.

Another one I love is from John Lewis. It's very stylish and doesn't look like it needs a lot of room, perfect! I like how the wooden legs combine with a modern top and an accent of grey.

         Buy House by John Lewis Notch Dressing Table Online at johnlewis.com

What I like about this one is that if you want to keep your table top clear, you can! It takes lot more room but you could put some flowers on to decorate it without worrying that you wont have room for make up. I think it's beautifully designed space.
MALM Dressing table  - IKEA

              Organize a makeup and jewelry station with   modular containers, use tine fabric sacs for jewelry, and fill a vase with sand   to hold makeup brushes

I think keeping it bright and simple is the secret :) I am sure I will let you know how I am getting on with my powder corner soon;)  I hope you like my inspiration!

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