Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Collaboration Offer

Collaboration offer

Hey everyone,

I have an idea about a little project for my blog and I thought I would put it out here on my blog who I am looking to collaborate with on non-sponsored post or posts depending how the project goes :))
I am looking for companies to get in touch who have equipment for measuring air quality, Co2 and Pm. I am also looking for people to get in touch who are selling plants and also working with or selling air purifiers. Get in touch via e-mail organicsnickers@gmail.com

Looking forward to hear from you!

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Power of Plants

The Power of Plants
 I recently got an email from some company saying that 15 of January is the most depressing day of the year and most holidays will be booked today to make ourselves feel better. I don't think I red most of that email and I am not really sure what was the purpose of it but the fact that struck me the most that people feel bad  this time of year. I am not going to talk about depression today however I would like to talk about health, mainly the immune system. I made quite few realisations today about my blog which I am happy about. I realised as a lifestyle blogger I am moving into more natural lifestyle living which before my niche was very generic and I didn't knew which way to go.  
Most people over the holiday season were struck by cold and flu and it was very chesty and still is for some people. I got this Echinaforce Hot Drink as a present just in case :) What I like about it that it suggest that it helps to stop spreading the viruses. So when my boyfriend fell ill on Christmas day we both drank it and he was coughing quite badly but me I was fine and I didn't catch it! I can't say that it would work all the time in the future I am only speaking for this last 3 weeks which I feel worked for us. We did not take the full dose up to 5 times a day as for both of us wouldn't of last very long but we took on the need and where was one day I felt bit feverish and I had I think 2 or 3 cups and next morning I was well again. I would definitely get it in the future as part of cold and flu treatment plus it has a pleasant taste.  I don't know much about Echincea but I know that elderberry is amazing and I have tried lots of different immunity boosting products, however I always find that elderberry makes huge difference in my immunity and the only time I notice the effects than I take it. Maybe were is something in it  that I lack which definitely works for me. Overall, I would recommend the product in addition of fighting cold's and flues and it has a pleasant soothing affect.  

The Power of Plants

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Beautiful Outdoor Outfit

 In a cold slushy winter it can be hard to stay sassy. For me it's important to know what I want and what I am looking for and once I come across I just know that this is it!  This is exactly what happened with my coat which I am madly in love with right now:) I have been looking for the right coat for couple years at least as I had few requirements: it had to be long so  can wear a skirt or a dress without looking ridiculous, warm, it had to do up to the neck as most coats now has an open chest or has only a belt... and most importantly I had to like it :)  This look I am calling a Russian Chick:) Actually, when I first moved to the UK few people called me a Russian chick at a time I am not sure if I like it but right now 10 years later I feel quite sentimental. I am sure that I have more looks to put together with this amazing coat!