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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Good Things Come By

Good things do come by and being in a dark place sometimes we don't see it. Hopefully this post will be a reminder for you and for myself that good things come by; we just need to get through tough times. Normally my posts are all about positive vibes, joy and happiness. But as humans we know that we can't be happy 24/7 and I find it weird that when I am not smiling people ask me what is wrong with me? Well, nothing I am just being neutral! Is this okay to be neutral...? Few months ago I started a new job which I was very happy about, really I went to work with joy but unfortunately that has changed very quickly. I got bullied, I reported it and I been told that it doesn't sound like that person! I moved on and forgave. However, I realised that my colleagues thrive on drama and twisting everything. Joy of going to work ended, constant worry started which is horrible, I think. And then I received Clippers Teas box which contained 3 items: a night note book, bed time tea with amazing blend of calming ingredients, and a cup. It is so sweet and it's exactly what I needed! It just literally hit me that I need some cosy me time, a good nights sleep and sort everything out! Such a small thing made such a positive impact that I realised that the situation I am in will pass and I am strong enough to get through this! And good things do come by, I wouldn't of received box of clippers otherwise. Thank You for positive impact!

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