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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Early Autumn

I love autum it's a season of transition in a sense that summer is full of idealism and endless possibilities and autumn is the start of the dreams and hard labour for it. All holidays are coming to an end and  that's where the hard work begins. It is a very special season there is loads of colours around and days are pretty, but in the evening you can feel that cold and crispy air there, you kind of want to snuggle up in blanket with a coco and watch Netflix.

Recently, I have been mentioning quite a lot about wanting to do a Charity Shop Haul. This is not it. However I found this amazing stripy shirt dress in the charity shop and it was love from first sight. I just fell in love with the colour of it and if it wouldn't of with me this blog post would be DIY how to make something else as I would of bought it anyway. I might have to change my blog name soon to a charity shop gal as I got so many amazing items in there and more blog posts to come with the pictures of the outfits:)

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