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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Inspirations For Three Special Occasions

I have some good news to announce: I am going to be an aunt at the end of the month (or could be beginning of September) which I am very exited about! I have been shopping for that baby like for my own. My sister is very picky (let's hope she doesn't read this :)) So I have to be very selective in what I get for her baby. So I put a little gift guide together from Uncommon Goods. The company is great and I love what they do. Not many companies can say that they use suppliers who recycle or hand make their items and use organic materials. You can even find out who the crafter is! As I worked before for a big retail company and sustainability is not a high priority for them. I know most big retailers are about making money and not really caring for their staff or the environment but Uncommon Goods is a whole new story :) Which is fantastic I think! Anyway I should go back to the baby gift guide;  I made a little collage from the items I love. I think I've got a great selection of items as who doesn't love mermaid or Pocahontas little boots? And these little baby knee protectors are so practical and cute! To be honest I could do with a mermaid tail like this instead of the throw once the autumn arrives.

Inspirations For Three Special Occasions.

I thought it would be good for me to do a Gifts For Men as well. As I think it can be very difficult sometimes to find something interesting on a special occasion! Me and my boyfriend had 9 year anniversary last June so next one will be 10!!!  So for sure I am already shopping around for something very special doesn't have to be big as we going to go somewhere nice but I still need something for sure! I think making a collage is great, it just gives a bunches of ideas. Its always good to know what they like as well, if they are into tasting drinks or sports or both. My boyfriend is into photography so  this pinhole camera which has to be constructed would keep him very busy for sure! I think it is definitely on the shopping list! Oh and if it works I could do some fun blog pictures - that would be amazing!!! Cute animal socks if they love animals is always a good idea and keeping boyfriends fresh and smelling nice always helps :)

Inspirations For Three Special Occasions

And I think I should do a third gift guide as 3 is the lucky number :). Next May I am going to a big wedding and I am supposed to say a speech in front of  120 people... ohhh I don't know about that but we will see haha :D Maybe it will happen but maybe not :) (I hope they won't read this blog post either). Anyway, Personalized Wedding Gifts collage gives some good ideas to help me stay inspired! Popcorn (of course to go with some other presents) is great present for couples who like to stay in and watch lots of movies and the paper could be cutely personalized for example: for many cosey evenings spent together or something like that. But of course you have to be in a certain relationship to give couple popcorn as a present :) A lot of couples these days have present lists or asks for money to contribute to their honeymoon but something a little extra special and personalized would surprise them and make it more special as it shows how much you know them and how much though you put in their special day.

Inspirations For Three Special Occasions

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