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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

2 Good Articles That Every Starting Blogger Should Read

2 Good Articles That Every Starting Blogger Should Read
I thought I would share some interesting articles to read for novice bloggers like myself. Even though I have been occasionally blogging for two years I still think of myself as a new blogger as there is so many INS and OUTS of how to improve a blog and the blogging experience, driving traffic to your site etc. that  I do not know about. However, I know how to keep myself inspired and slowly keep on moving forwards with my life and my blog. Because if we do not have dreams what's the point of doing anything? So here are two articles I would recommend reading:)

First one is about travel blogger Christy Woodrow. It's a beautiful article about her passion to travel and how it became her full time job and that she gets paid to see the world. Sounds amazing doesn't it? She talks about her ups and downs on her life journey, however she is very inspiring and her key point and advice to us is whatever we do enjoy it and make our life an adventure. So here is link to the article


Second article actually is very informative and tells us how to do it! Doesn't go into too much detail but points in the right direction. Which is very helpful and makes us really think what are we aiming for with our blog. So here is the link to the amazing article '5 Ways To Become a Truly Amazing Blogger'


Okay. I hope you enjoyed my little article and I hope you find my links helpful as much as I did.
Stay inspired, leave comment of any tips you might have for me and let's stay connected :)

Thanks for reading!

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