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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Letter for all man and woman who are body consious

We all watch the same TV, read the magazines, hear how others feels about their bodies. We all have the ideal body image and I am pretty sure we all have very different image from anybody else. I got myself into a situation on a very girly night out that for some reason talk turned to body image. One was feeling too skinny, could not do anything about it. Another one was sucking in her tummy when she sees her man. Then another felt she had too small boobies, another liked her own but wanted them bigger. Bigger girls were saying that there is nothing wrong with slimmer girls that they don't have to deal with weight problems. So what I am saying here every single girl had something to say about their body. I am sure you know what I am talking about, I am sure most people could say something that they don't like about their body. So I was standing there quietly with nothing to say wrong about my own body nothing at all, not a single complaint. And I was looking at these girls and I could not see anything wrong with them - yes, I could see they all looked different, some slimmer, some bigger but that's OK. I am not a narcissistic person because I like my own body, it's far from perfect but it's OK with me. I learned how to accept the way it is. My ideal body is definitely not my own but I am happy with what I got and I think a lot of people need to learn to accept how they look and what they got. Unless it is a health issue and needs treating that's completely different story. I kind of felt sad that people feel so conscious about their bodies and waste so much energy judging body parts instead in concentrating on feeling good, feeling healthy, staying active and enjoying life! With this letter I hope to put some sense in some people with being happy with what they have because no one cares as much as we do. So the biggest judge we are for yourself. So STOP now and be happy, enjoy yourself, none of us are perfect... so whats the point of being body conscious? I am not encouraging to be unhealthy in any way. Keep active, eat right and be happy!

Good luck to you all!
Thank you for reading!
I hope I was clear in what I was trying to say here.
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