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Friday, 24 July 2015

Holiday Lithuania Part 1 - Nails

Hey Everyone!

Yes, I have been on holiday in Lithuania! Wohoo! It's been lovely, I have been there for two weeks but the time flew by very quickly! I am thinking of doing a very quick update today because I haven't managed to unpack yet:) How many days takes you to unpack guys? Maybe I am just being slow or just don't want to let my holiday go yet :) Anyway, I went to get my nails done, I normally just get normal nail varnish but this time I went for gel polish. I love it but I realise now that it's not for me, even though it lasts longer and I love it but my nails are week so it keeps on breaking. It lasted me just over the week and I need to get it redone. But I love the coral pink, very summery colour, light but not too bright if you know what I mean  :) Anyway here they are on the hand with a Pina Colada :)
Just in Style holiday in Lithuania part one nails

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