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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Best Ever Money Saving Tip!

Hello Guys! I am very exited! I read about this easy way to save some money! You won't save millions but 1400 for sure. So I thought I would put this on my blog because I am going to try this out! :) Starting tomorrow. The idea is to get into the habit of saving - apparently it's easier to save money this way :) So I better start explaining:) So a year has 52 weeks. So we should start saving from first week of the year and put a pound, second week 2 pounds, third week 3 pounds and so on until week 52 :) and by that time it all adds up to 1400 :) Sounds easy to me! We are on week 5 now so should put 5 pounds in this week :) Well guys let me know if you have heard about this type of saving and if you tried it and if you succeeded :)?
Just in Style best ever saving tip

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