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Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 Resolution

I have been thinking about New Year's Resolution just before Christmas and I have seen a few funny things on the internet. For instance that 2015 resolution is to start 2014 resolution which we thought on 2013 and so on :). Well, I was thinking about it and I  thought I had ups and downs every year like we all do so my resolution is to improve my ups. Basically, just improve in general every year. Yesterday at work I was looking at some daily newspaper and it said that 25% of people are stoppers like stop smoking, or stop eating junk food and so on and 75% are starters for instance start exercising or start eating healthier, travel more and so on. Of course starters sound more positive then stoppers. But I thought to myself I must be both!

January is perfect time to sit back and think about what we want from life especially than it's bucketing it down outside.

So I will crack on with mine!

Get Healthier! 
You know these people who get up in the morning and  all ready for anything full of energy yeah so that's what I am aiming for this year :) Well, I need to sort my immunity first. I am one of these people who get everything what goes around! I have already started using immunity booster Sambucol witch is the only one that works for me. I should definitely write a proper review on it some time because it is so good but the down side is it is very expensive. Then I thought using coconut water once a week. Also, it is expensive but once a week it is reasonable for natural coconut water with no additives. I find myself feeling much better and more awake when I drink it so I am going to make a weekly routine. Coconut water has a lot of health benefits and tastes great as well! I think coconut water deserves  a proper review some time soon as well :). And third thing I was going to try is almond milk it suppose to be good for the skin so if I am going to like it and if it works I am going to drink it once a week as well it is on my list now!:) So what I am trying to do is introduce myself to healthier routine and do little things for myself. You know what they say all little things matters!

Be Stress Free!
I found myself worrying about little things which don't matter so I am going to stop stressing my self out. I am a stopper on this one. So what I am thinking to try is meditation. I haven't done it but there is no harm if it's not going to work but I am sure it does something if people are practicing it all the time. And I will try to go to bed on time so I have my beauty sleep and wake up relaxed :)!

Enjoy What I do
Another thing on my 2015 resolution is to enjoy myself more. I was a little caught in the work routine, obviously the work I don't enjoy that much. So my resolution is to find something a little more enjoyable for myself!

So this is me done not too much to ask from 2015! :) Please feel free to comment and don't forget to subscribe! And please share your resolutions I am interested ;)

Just in Style new 2015 year resolution

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