Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Walk In The Woods on a rainy day

Hey! It was such a dull day yesterday but there was no excuse to stay indoors after it stopped raining. So we quickly dressed up and got going! So I figured I will put some colorful clothes on to brighten my day up! Jumper is from Top Shop, it's actually one of my favorite jumpers at the moment! I put on some brown tights from Primark, shorts from American Apparel and a coat from Next. I sprayed some protector on my shoes and I was ready to go! We walked for a few hours and in the end we had lovely lunch in the Manor. Hazel had such a good exercise, she been charging around all the time! I seem to got tired much quiker than her! :) Here are some pictures from the walk! I truly enjoyed it! And now completely warn out :) time to chill and enjoy hot chocolate :)

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