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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Feng Shui number 5

I think this is my last update on Feng Shui. So here it is, Feng Shui Number 5 :)!
In Feng Shui good lighting is very important. The more daylight comes in the better. So keep the windows clean at all times. Use natural cleaning products like baking or cleaning soda and vinegar. Keep the entrace to your home clear and tidy so that good energy could float straight in. Plates should be chip free and no wonky furniture. Everything should be stable and in good condition. Never have your bed in front of the door or windown or mirror: it can disturb a good night's sleep.
Keep computers, TVs and any electronics out of the bedroom because Feng Shui says that it can affect romance in the relationship. And definitely we don't want to do that!!!!
Oh, one more thing, keep the batroom doors closed because you can flush good energy down the drains:). There is a lot more to Feng Shui but I covered a few important things;) oh and no sharp edges. Round is better:)

Good luck of improving your home with few easy steps of Feng Shui!

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