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Monday, 7 April 2014

Feng Shui number 3

Ok. So I decided to write a bit more about Feng Shui and the home. So what I wanted to add today is about pets :)  Well, you must have seen that I have a cat. A very large lady named Pickle :) (she is on a diet).
Feng Shui is all about good and bad enargy in balance because without bad we wouldn't know what is good. How can we tell what we like if we don't know what we don't like?nFeng Shui says that pets bring good energy to our homes and clears the bad energy out. We all know that keeping fish is very relaxing. Feng Shui says that keeping fish brings wealth to our home and circulates home energy too. So the bad energy cleans out faster:).
So we need to look after our most beloved pets:)

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