Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hazel & Her Xmas Presents

Hey guys! I already shared few things about my Christmas on my Christmas Special and I talked about Hazel's new bed and bone so I thought I would share some pictures to show how adorable they look (I mean Hazel  in her new pup bed from Groupon) :) Hazel can chew that bone for few hours, lucky us it's not furniture :) And of course you can see my lovely Christmas tree in the background ;)
Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Just in Style puppy bed from groupon

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Special

Hello All!
Merry Christmas to you all even though I am late to say this :)! I hope you all had an enjoyable and stress-free time with your family, friends and pets:)! I definitely enjoyed myself, haven't stopped eating since Christmas Eve! :) We had a 12 dish dinner on Christmas Eve which I prepared for my boyfriend, my friend and her daughter and of course to two our pets Hazel and Pickle! It's actually Pickle's 3rd Christmas with us and Hazel had her very first Christmas ever! :) She was very exited to get a big chewing bone from Santa. She also got a replacement to her old bed! The bed is so so so cute! Santa got it from Groupon ;). On Christmas morning we had some pancakes witch i thought was quite random to have on Christmas day and went for a walk with Hazel to prepare for big Christmas roast to come which my boyfriend prepared! And he did a very good job! On Christmas day it was just four of us, we ate loads and watched Frozen which we both saw for the first time even people had been obsessed about it :) I knew the songs from Frozen without watching the movie :). Well, we finally did it! Yey! I wanted to share with you guys what makes Christmas Special for me. When I was growing up we only used to put Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve. The longer we waited the more special it was because we enjoyed it for shorter time so that time become more precious with it. So even now I want to put it up early I still wait. Keeping up a tradition  from year to year makes me feel that Yeah that's how Christmas feel :)! Me and my boyfriend were getting a tree day before Christmas Eve 4 Christmases ago and there were not many to choose from. So we got this potted  small tree which kind of didn't had many branches on one side. Kind of bit ugly :) I started watering it hoping it will last us until we have to put decorations away. And you know what that tree started to grow and I couldn't throw it away so we kept it in living room because at a time we didn't had a garden but now we do so after Christmas we put it out side and bring it in every year when we need to. And it's such a joy to see how much it has grown every year, it's getting bigger and bigger and more special because we enjoy real tree without having to kill it every year for few weeks of pleasure. And the greatest thing it's the same real tree every year! I suggest to get potted tree and do the same thing it's really worth it and saves some money too;) I only found picture from three years ago I am sure I had some more but couldn't find it, but from now on I will keep a picture record of the tree ;)
Just in Style Christmas tree with presents 2014

This picture made 3 years ago :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chanel Treat

I have been treated by the most amazing sister in the world! She went on holiday to Portugal and she got me some Chanel as her holiday treat! Can you believe this?! I am so exited! Its such a luxury! It's light and blends in very well! I really love this! Not even Christmas yet and such an amazing gifts already! :) Keep up with a good work sister ;)!
Chanel foundation make up

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Day Out With Zara

Hey Guys! It was such a lovely day yesterday had a long walk with my pup Hazel she is so so so fast she keeps us fit! And she is only 5 months old! Had a little ride on a bike which was lovely. And I wore my new coat from Zara witch I absolutely Love! Shoes are Zara as well. My beloved black shorts from American Apparel and blouse from River Island.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Walk In The Woods on a rainy day

Hey! It was such a dull day yesterday but there was no excuse to stay indoors after it stopped raining. So we quickly dressed up and got going! So I figured I will put some colorful clothes on to brighten my day up! Jumper is from Top Shop, it's actually one of my favorite jumpers at the moment! I put on some brown tights from Primark, shorts from American Apparel and a coat from Next. I sprayed some protector on my shoes and I was ready to go! We walked for a few hours and in the end we had lovely lunch in the Manor. Hazel had such a good exercise, she been charging around all the time! I seem to got tired much quiker than her! :) Here are some pictures from the walk! I truly enjoyed it! And now completely warn out :) time to chill and enjoy hot chocolate :)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cuddling up with Hazel!

Hey everyone I have been obsessed with my new pup Hazel! She is such a sweet sweet girl! We were let to believe she was a Padenco but it turned out she is Pharaoh hound!  Well, time to share some more pics!!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

After long Day

After long rainy day Hazel got all wrapped up ready to go to sleep :) just ears still sticking out .... wants to hear everything :)