Miss Selfridge

Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Power Of Being Concerned With Yourself

The Power Of Being Concerned With Yourself- is really taking your power back and looking after it within yourself. Then I use the word you - I use it as a generic term not meaning anyone in specific. I would like to share a message today. All my messages brew for some time until it's clear and I connect all the dots for myself and then I feel ready to share it. I just realised how little I am concerned with what people tell me what they think I should be doing. It wasn't always the way. I was definitely a people pleaser and validation seeker so of course, then people would tell me you shouldn't be doing that or you should be doing this because that what you need and that's the way. It used to have an effect on me. You know that feeling of not getting it right. I was concerned with everyone's opinions and how should my life be and what should I be doing instead of really focusing what is it I need to be doing and what is it I want for myself. Rather than focusing inwards, I was seeking external validation. However, a beautiful thing happened I got aware that I was doing so. The more I got concerned with myself and constantly checking in with myself. The opinions of others what they think they know did no longer matter and another beautiful thing I am not concerned what others need to be doing for them selfs, in general, no longer matter. I use to explain and explain and explain what I am trying to do and prove myself to others and I no longer need that validation seeking has disappeared as I know inside what is it I need to be doing and the need of explaining just disappeared. That's all it is, it is just not there. I can't even be bothered and it is a very freeing feeling. There is a lot of talk about mirroring each other. And recently I had to ask that myself then I was being challenged about myself is that judgement of me and telling me what to do and what is it I really need... is that mirroring something to me that I haven't dealt with? And the answer was a big NO! It's a big misconception that we are mirrors of one another. It is ONLY mirrored back to us if we get triggered. However, if we know that it is not ours and it has no effect on us it is not a mirror. We can be mirrors for others and vice-versa there are lessons to be learned everywhere but it doesn't mean that everyone we meet is mirroring something back to us and it becomes very clear then we get concerned with ourselves. I attended Super Power Live in London last weekend and I learned a lot! Thank You I am Creators Team. I went with no expectations and one of the messages I have taken home is that the biggest part of our lives is the things we don't know that we don't know what we don't know :) There is a fine line then we make suggestions and brainstorm with friends who needs help and looking for advice and just trying to see if there are different options available that they might haven't thought of. Between us thinking that we know what they need to be doing. I have written a blog post about advice before if you not asked for one then it is not needed. Telling people what they should be doing it comes from our own place of conditioning. I recently spoke a lot about self-acceptance ad then we accept ourselves we start accepting others. However recently, I had someone telling that I am this and I am that and that is coming from a place of fixing also been told that I need to travel by myself to discover myself... well noooo thank you but no :) That's not the message I share and if this message is not clear then it's nothing to do with me. We have to support each other without expectations what others need to be doing because at that very moment we aren't concerned with ourselves and we trying to shape others through our own perspective. Let's be our each other's light and support for whatever path we choose to take without trying to put our way of thinking because it is not needed. That's the Beauty and Power of being self-concerned.