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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Love and Hate relationship with blogging

Hello! So it's Saturday again, yey! Witch is very exiting! I have been meaning to write about my personal relationship with blogging. So it has been coming for sometime it's just been sitting in the back of my head ripening and waiting to come out. I hope you share what you have thought on this post, I would definitely like to know what is your relationship with your blog.

Love and Hate relationship with blogging


Personally for me blogging has an equal amount of plusses and minuses. Like reading other's blogs is a plus it gets me inspired, helps me to dream what I would like to do, what would I like to eat or where I would like to go, so it's amazing. And then reading other's blogs is a minus for me as well as after I go away or go to work after I read about someone's  holiday in Bali it kind of causes a little bit of jealousy ... how lucky for him or her while I am sorting the laundry or doing washing up so it's kind of a reality check but it definitely helps to break it and set life goals or holidays for next year for sure:).

Living The Dream

Another one plus and a minus is looking at bloggers living their dream and living from what the blog provides. Hooray for them and it proves that we all can do what we want at some point in our life, whatever we want, but in the mean time it's work, work, work and blogging its just a hobby. I found this blog post from another blogger about what it means to be a full time blogger HERE. She writes that bloggers don't take holidays as holidays are the best time to get good content. Hmmmmm I don't know about that I am going on holiday soon and I am planning to just switch of my social media until I come back as I remember best summers was being away with family, away from the routine and the best part of September was to discuss those summer holidays with others (maybe that's why blogging is just a hobby for me hahaha).

Anyway,  I have been looking at some articles that suggest that media traffic slows down in summer months so why not to enjoy it? But here is an article about what to do if you still want to blog HERE.

Dragging in

I have never been so obsessed with being online like last year, it slowly reeled me in. Instagram and Pinterest are the worst hahaha. Once I start pinning something it reveals more and more beautiful and inspiring images that draw me in . You can find my Pinterest HERE. Instagram works just the same for me. Oh makes me want to do and buy so many things. In a way it's good it keeps wanting to do te best for myself; be healthier, happier, wanting to do better makeup, dress nicer. What's wrong with that right? But I caught myself thinking these girls looks so much better, healthier and happier so I start doubting myself. In a way it's good it shows there is room to improve but the negative side is that it lowers self-esteem.

But what I absolutely love about my blog is that it becomes a picture reminder for me of what I did and what I been up to in the last two years . Even its not all here but you know than I look at January 2014 my mind goes wild, it's like awwww yes I did that and after I went there even it's not all documented but my mind picks up on that small glimpses of life.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it :)

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Healthy air - Practical post


This is going to be slightly different post from the ones I had before. Anyway, I think of myself as a lifestyle blogger so this practical post about healthy air will fit in fine. Blogging about healthy air is so important for me, it may even be the most important post I ever wrote! This is something I truly believe in and there is nothing not to believe here. We all know plants produce oxygen by absorbing CO2 and other air pollutions. We all know that right?! I will put little picture I found on internet. And here is the link to the web page where picture is from, it's worth looking through, it shows how we are all connected.
However, today's post is about indoor air quality and how important it is to improve it. According to NASA clean air study we should have one plant per 10 square metres. You can find link HERE to read more about it. So I live in 1 bed flat which is quite small if  I am honest, which is about 46 square meters so in this case I need about 5 plants to purify our flat. So if you have a good sized 2 bed flat or house you will probably need about 10 plants at least. I say at least because location where we live is so important. Unfortunately where I live we have a very busy road and our garden gets so dirty so quickly and it's the most dusty property I have lived in because pollution comes from outside and of course from indoors as well. You can find common indoor air pollutions HERE. So we know now that we should open windows as often as we can but for me when I open them I can smell the car fuels so it's not always possible (yes, I know we need to move when I put it this way but at the moment it is impossible for us). So I am looking into plants to help me to purify my living space. This amazing article I found is always on hand on my phone when I  am looking for inspiration. You can find this article HERE. It says that detoxing our body 70% occurs through breathing. So basically no fresh air no health. I would recommend this article for everyone it is so important HERE. I found another useful website which would help you to choose suitable plants for you HERE. Some really good air filter plants needs so little care so if you not best plant carer and don't know how to look after them you can still can find suitable plant for you which won't need a lot of care and would benefit from a little bit of watering once in a while. 

At the moment for my 1 bed flat I consciously bought plants to clean the air for me. I have 8 different air purifying plants at the moment, I am planning to get some more. As I mentioned I live in a city by a busy road. However, we have a garden were we are working as well by planting tons of new plants a lot of them is ferns which purifies the air very well. I would love to get one of these meters which shows how clean is your indoor air but they are bit too expensive for me so I just have to have faith in my plants:) Some of you might think that 8 plants for 1 bed flat can be too much as for a lack of space but trust me it's doable and looks nice as well. Our flat is modern and plants in the right places looks great!

These are my 3 out of 8 plants
Healthy air - Practical post

Healthy air - Practical post

Healthy air - Practical post

You might say you don't live by busy road like me and you ventilate you home enough and you might have air purifier (I do too) and you don't need so many plants in your home. However, think of winter months and NASA recommending 1 house plant per 10 square meters for each home so just to be on healthy side just in case get some plants! :)

Thank you for reading! I hope I put a useful and inspiring blog post for you with lots of links. please let me know what you thought and how many plants you have :) I am looking forward to some feedback;)