Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Flower Baby

For me life it's about enjoying little things in life.Knowing who we are and where we are and where are we going and standing strong in front of what life throughs at us. This photo shoot was about reconnecting with nature running wild and feeling free. I am wearing long black beautiful gown connecting me with my own feminine and sexy side. In eastern cultures they say that long skirts and dresses connects women energy to mother earth. I truly enjoyed this session smelling and looking at blooming blue bells just brings that special feeling and harmony in life. 

The photo shoot went with a little bit of preparation. I had talented young make up artist to beautyfy me. She is based in Brighton and Hove if you like more details just sent me an email on organicsnickers@gmail.com
Lydia is amazing she does a very good job I had best eyebrow day probably in years ;)

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Valentino Donna EAU DE Parfum - Natural Spray

I just love spring! Pastel colours, gentle aromas, sunshine, blooming flowers - it is just a wonderful time of the year!

Valentino Donna Eau De perfume  - Natural Spray a little luxury for spring.
I like everything about Valentino Donna perfume, tiny little cute bottle looking luxurious. Baby pink colour with a golden lid makes it look expensive and it is but it's worth it.
The scent is fabulous, very feminine for a free spirit, its gentle and sweet, a little like a secretive attractive  woman.

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