Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Face Pamper Sunday

Couple weeks ago I did a Sunday hair pamper. Now, it's time to do a face pamper! I was feeling that my face looks a little tired so I found this recipe to boost it up a little. I am very pleased with the results. Skin feels tighter and very smooth. The recipe is from the book called Beauty Masks & Scrubs by Elaine Stavert. I have to say the book is very nice and easy to follow. All you need is three ingredients: coffee 80g, dark brown sugar 80g (I used cane sugar) and 200g hempseed (olive or sweet almond) oil. I used hempseed oil. Mix all up and massage into wet skin and wash off with warm water and voila! I made a lot less mixture, I divided everything from 5. Oh and the mixture can be stored in the fridge for few weeks. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Badgers Jewellery Box

Hi, I found this vibrant coloured jewellery box in a charity shop. I was looking at it for about 10 minutes, couldn't decide whether I like it or not but I had the feeling that I should get it. In a way it's old fashioned but I thought badgers look very cute and in the end I got it and I feel very pleased with it and I used it for my shells witch I got it on my stay in Poole on Sandbanks beach. This precious thing is made by MacDonald Fine Bone China Leicester England. It just proves that charity shops have some nice things too :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hair Pamper Sunday

I got this amazing gift for my birthday: all the products I need to make a hair treatment at home with a recipe. And I will share it with you guys. All you need to have is apple cider vinegar (I used organic, raw unfiltered from Raw Vibrant Living), sesame oil (mine is from Clearspring and it is organic toasted sesame oil and cold pressed), you will also need olive oil (I also got mine from Clearspring, extra virgin olive oil), and you will need coconut oil (mine is Essential organic raw virgin coconut oil). All you need to do is to mix two spoons of coconut oil with a spoon of olive oil and half a spoon of sesame oil and massage it into dry hair, put a bag or shower hat on and leave it on for 2 hours. I used a large teaspoon for my mix. After 2 hours you will need to make another mix with vinegar. You will need 1.5 cup of water and 0.5 cup of apple cider vinegar and then spray this mix on your hair and leave it for another half an hour under the shower cap. After the half an hour wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and voila it's done! I used my all time favorite 2 in 1 tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner from Mistry's. And Sunday hair pamper is done :) Enjoy


Special Thank You to my cousin for my birthday present xxx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bargain work shoes!

Do you know the feeling when you don't want to spent a lot of money on work shoes? I have been looking around for flat black shoes which would be comfortable for long periods of standing and would be cheap and won't fall apart in two weeks. I found just a pair. When I put them on for the first time I thought I will have to return them because they were uncomfortable but after 20 minutes wearing them in they felt just right and I decided to keep them. I paid £10 and I got them from Office on sale items online. Feels like a perfect bargain! And here they are! And please ignore my tan lines ;)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Gay Pride Brighton

Today was an amazing gay pride in Brighton! Here are some pictures from the parade. It was really enjoyable and nice to see all communities come together and celebrate equal rights. Some outfits were amazing and people went to extreme lengths of effort to make them! Well done guys and thank you for a disco mood!