Miss Selfridge

Monday, 17 February 2014

Getting ready for a day out in Cagliari! Amazing holiday!
Just in Style day outfit in Cagliari

Friday, 14 February 2014

Omg Cagliari is amazing!!! It is so beautiful here coffee is good!:) I am loving it!!! We thought it will be cheaper than UK but we were so wrong, money is melting fast. Weather is perfect for walking arround if it would be hotter it would be a lot more tireding now it's just perfection! Happy valentines day from Sardinia Cagliari!!!

Oh and update of what I took with me to Cagliari:) I tried to be very smart about it because i only could take 10 kg. So i took couple jumpers witch one of them goes with jeans and another one with my leggings and smart trousers. Than for evenings I took the flowery top and white blouse and a dress. This might not sound a lot but it will last me for a week I just keep matching them:)
Just in Style clothing to take to Cagliari tops jeans blouse

Monday, 10 February 2014

I have to admit I am into flower prints. And I found these amazing leggings at pull&bear. I am loving it!!! My defo take take take to Cagliari!!!

Just in Style flower print leggings from Pull & Bear
Just in Style flower print leggings from Pull & Bear

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hey! Because me and my boyfriend going to Cagliari to save luggage space we decided to give Valentine's day presents early and I couldn't wait any longer so I did mine yesterday:) I wrapped his gap pans in red heart napkins i thought it was cute but the most important my boyfriend loved the pans! Fits well:) just have to wait and see what my Valentino has ready for me:)!
Just in Style valentines presents getting ready to go to cagliari

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Next wenesday I am going to Sardinia!! Yei!!!! Can't wait! I am planning to do updates how I'm getting ready and updates from Sardinia so watch the space:) Cagliari here I come!! Woop woop :)
I have had hard couple of weeks so it will be nice to go away and have a good break from routine..having nice week away with nice food and vine. Sounds like Cagliari saying " come and dine with me" :) I like to eat but not so much to cook if I am honest. In my dreams my boyfriend is my personal  chef:)

Recently I started looking for a new job and I find it so hard to write cover letters try to make it better than others to stand the chance but in the end of the day we are sitting in the same boat. Its a harsh world.